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how to propose to your girlfriend

How to propose to your girlfriend and make it memorable

Are you in a relationship with this girl that you love and want to take it to the next level? I’m gonna offer you some advice on how to propose to your girlfriend.

Proposing to your girlfriend to marry you and being engaged is not a regular happening in one’s life. This is one of the few things that you must consider special and be kept as a memorable experience.

In this article, I am going to show you the right way to propose to your girlfriend to marry you and make it memorable.


First things first, the location of the proposal has to be perfect. You can’t get down on one knee just anywhere. The location takes a majority deal of what makes a good proposal work and memorable

Pick a place with some sentimental value but make it someplace that it isn’t
gonna be too obvious.
The place too should be too far, it should be closer enough for the two of you.


In making it memorable, rewind the past. You can go back to the places where the most important milestones in your relationship happened.

So plan a day like this, go to the place you went on your first date. All right and then to the place where you kissed her first and after that you could go to the place where you went for your first movie and all of these places can be a part of your proposal day.

Finally, take her to all those places and remind her of all the important milestones and then in the end take her to an extremely romantic location and add that to your list of milestones.

After going to all these places, I bet you it will ignite the love but I will suggest not taking her to places that will remind her of painful or sad moments. This might ruin her day.


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We need to talk about you. Yes, YOU!!
You’re about to ask your girlfriend a life-changing question and obviously, you’re going to be somehow nervous.

The problem is if you look nervousness she’s gonna know something’s up.

If she asks “are you okay”
You: “yeah I’m fine”
Girlfriend: “are you okay are you sure”
You: “It’s very hot in here. I feel very hot and I’m out of water”

Just take a deep breath stay calm and everything is gonna be okay

She’s gonna say “yes!” so if you’re nervous because you’re not sure if she’s gonna say yes then you probably shouldn’t be proposing just yet.

Wait a couple more weeks or months maybe years and make sure everything is ok with you and propose to your girlfriend again.

Confidence is key, don’t look nervous and everything is gonna be OK


Question Marry Me Proposal Marriage Proposal

I have one simple rule on how to propose to your girlfriend, “the simpler the better.”
You don’t need this to be like an elaborate plan.

There are two main reasons.
1) The more variables you introduce into this perfect moment, the more freaked out you’re going to be the whole time

2) Most women are really uncomfortable with big and elaborate proposals.
I’m serious go look up some proposal videos on YouTube to get some ideas on how you need to keep the proposal simple and short, it is not the time to tell her love stories or poems.
It is just a simple “will you marry me?” question you gonna ask her.

The biggest reason why you should keep it simple though is because of something that anyone who has ever proposed before can tell you and I’m just going to be real right now with you guys okay, keep this on the low as soon as you get down on one knee whatever poetic words you plan to say they’re gone they’re out of the window

If you can even get “will you marry me” out of your mouth when you’re in that situation then consider it a triumph.
Just plan on keeping the speech short because it’s going to be “YES” regardless

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Proposing with a gift is quite common but hiding the ring inside the gift is one of the unexpected ways to propose.

What you could do is you could gift her a book and hide the ring inside the bookmark or you could gift her flowers with the ring hidden inside a note.

You could also gift her a dress and hide the ring inside the collar. In any case,
adding a gift to the proposal will definitely increase her happiness. I’m sure girls love gifts but make sure she finds out where you have hidden it otherwise it will be a blooper.

So hide the ring in the gift.

Try to set the mood right before proposing to your girlfriend which is very important.

Don’t propose to her on a day she’s very angry. Propose to her on a day when she’s happy and if not then set the mood right.


Proposals are one of the biggest parts of a woman’s life. She dreams of getting proposed to in a very romantic manner.

Almost every girl wants to have a very romantic proposal by her guy. So if you don’t want to let her down, use these unique ideas to propose to her in a way that she never forgets.

No matter what manner you choose, no matter where you choose to propose to her, you should make sure that it’s extremely romantic and it will be something that she will remember for the rest of her life and not only her, even you would remember it for the rest of your life.

So your proposal should basically mark the amazing and romantic start of your married life with your soul mate. So my wishes and all the best for your proposal.

Thank you so much for finding time to read this piece. If you find it interesting, do leave a reply in the comment box below

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