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CV & Cover Letter Samples In Ghana

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at in your career to get noticed by potential employers, your resume needs to knock their socks off. Your resume is much more than a compilation of your work history; it’s a tool that lets hiring managers know that you’re the candidate they’ve been hoping for. For maximum wow-factor, your resume must highlight your industry-specific experience, accomplishments and credentials. If

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Have Confidence on the Job

Confidence, high self-esteem, and ambition are qualities that will help you in your career path. Some qualities of a person cannot be learned, but rather are nurtured and grown. Ambition and confidence are two of these qualities. One of the main pillars of ambition is high self esteem. According to career publisher CareerJournal.com, self-acceptance and faith-in-oneself allows confidence and ambition

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Want to ace your next interview and land that open job you’ve been seeking? Here are 20 tips to help you prepare. 1. Research the industry and company. An interviewer may ask how you perceive his company’s position in its industry, who the firm’s competitors are, what its competitive advantages are, and how it should best go forward. For this reason, avoid

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