Career Planning for Students: Workplace Love Life


College romance is a given, but getting all lovey-dovey in the office is often against company policy. Here’s how to deal.

For many singles, work is the place where they have the most contact with people they can relate with, are attracted to, and want to date. It is no surprise many companies have tried to put a stop to this behavior. According to career website Vault.com, around 60% of employees have had an office romance. That is more than half of all workers! So how do you follow your heart without risking your job? Follow these three tips.

Learn the Rules

The first thing you need to do to prepare for a life of office dating is to learn your company’s rules. Some companies stay clear of creating rules regulating romance, while others ban boss-subordinate relationships, and some put a stop to any form of coworker passion.

Keep it Quiet and Professional

Once you have become personally involved with an office-mate, don’t bubble over with details while you’re at work. Many managers forbid workplace relationships because they distract from the objectives of the organization. You don’t want to be involved in gossip or conflict. Avoid kissing, hugging and little love letters. Public displays of affection are a no-no. One tough area: after-work socializing. After-work drinks and parties can be hard to deal with when carrying a covert relationship.

Prepare for the Worst

Vault.com says only about 20% of office relationships go long-term. You would be wise to plan how to recover if the relationship goes sour. Remember that this is a person you will see every day at work, and the break-up might not be pretty. If the word gets out, colleagues might choose sides and start gossiping. To avoid this situation, plan ahead. If you feel the romance is turning south, try and ease into a soft breakup. This will help you focus on work during this difficult time. Also, never cheat on a coworker with another coworker.

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