About Adwumafie.com


About Adwumafie.com

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What is Adwumafie?

Adwumafie.com is a subsidiary of SamBoad Business Group LLC and Ghana’s most reliable online job board which seeks to bring to you the available job opportunities closer to your door steps. Our area of specialization is not limited to a particular job function, we offer a list of job offers that cover all the industries ranging from top-notch to low – class companies.

We are also not restricted to a specific location, adwumafia.com offers you the right job for you from any part of the country. Also, in our special feature, we provide International jobs, scholarships and youth fellowships opportunities from any part of the world to our subscribers.

Our scope of work has been designed to favor both employers and employees where any of the parties can publish or/and apply for a job directly. A new feature has also been added to enable employees to save their credentials in their account which will automatically be available to any employer whose job criteria matches with any potential employee.

We provide vivid and accurate information about a job and help you with the best tips to be a potential employee in any of our partnering companies.

Adwumafie is proudly powered by NabsTech, Sedos Link Gh. Ltd. and SamBoad Business Group LLC